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Make A Donation


Help provide a new, updated call system for our residents and staff, a critical component of care during the Covid-19 pandemic. Your gift creates a life-changing path forward for our residents.
Not just on Tuesday but every day at Cheshire Home.

If you give: You Provide our Residents and Staff with….
$24.00 One Day of New & Improved Call System Service
$48.00 Two Days of Amazing Call System Service
$72.00 Three Full Days of Incredible Call System Service
$168.00 One Week of Stellar Call System Service
$336.00 Two Weeks of Outstanding Call System Service
$720.00 One Month of Exceptional Call System Service
$4,380.00 Half-Year of Extraordinary Call System Service
$8,760.00 You got it! One Whole Year of the Best Call System Service
Any Amount

You pick the time! Your gift can support hours, days, or more.

Recent Grants

  • Charles G. & Elizabeth Mortimer Foundation
    7/31/20   $5,000
  • Madison Rotary
    6/6/20   $1,348
  • Kessler Foundation
    5/29/20   $26,416
  • Emerson Solutions
    4/22/20   $6,000
  • Peter R. & Cynthia K. Kellogg Foundation
    3/25/20   $10,000
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