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A Thank You from Cheshire Home

Posted Tue, Nov 26th, 2019 By Cheshire Home

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, we are reflecting on those who share in our mission to offer our residents, who have experienced paralyzing spinal cord injuries, the services they need to reach their full potential. Thank you to all of our supporters who offer a helping hand to our Home through both volunteer work and financial contributions.

We’re blown away by the groups who volunteer at Cheshire Home- eager to help wherever and however they can. Your willingness to roll up your sleeves and get any job done is admirable. We thank you for your time and effort. Most importantly, we thank you for the friendship and memories that are created with each visit!

Thank you to the groups and individuals who financially make contributions to Cheshire Home! Your donations help us offer cutting edge technology in our Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy room, give residents the chance to advance their skills in our Community Resource Center and take trips with our Recreation Department. With each donation, we are able to offer our residents the best care possible- truly making Cheshire Home a meaningful stepping stone on their recovery journey.

 We wish each of you a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


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