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Area Foundations Fund Dining Room Renovation!

Posted Sat, Dec 15th, 2012

Cheshire Dining Room

Through the generosity of several area foundations and philanthropic programs, our dining room will soon be sporting a new look! The F.M. Kirby,  Hyde and Watson and Union Foundations as well as Novartis Alliance Development & Philanthropy, and the TD Bank Affinity Program have funded this renovation.

Each year we designate a section of our building for renovation. In 2012 we renovated our terrace and we now have a beautiful patio for our residents to enjoy come the spring. Now the dining room will be transformed into a comfortable, appealing area with just the right ambiance to make for more fun times. The project will be conducted by Boulder Construction, which has long been a sponsor of Cheshire Home and has, through many years, renovated and modernized many areas of our health care facility, including the terrace and our residential shower room suites.

In excess of 75,000 meals are served each year in our dining room. Recreational activities are held here also, and  many festivities throughout each year. Recently we've had much cause for celebration, as residents achieved college degrees and attained independent living. Moving forward, we'll be very happy to celebrate in our new room, and to provide our residents with a pleasing environment that will enhance their dining experiences.

Many, many thanks to the foundations and businesses that are making this possible!



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