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Artist In Residence - Perry Nazon

Posted Mon, Jan 11th, 2016

Perry Nazon With His Artwork

Cheshire Home is pleased to feature resident Perry Nazon who, through his art, is adding a touch of beauty and grace to our home.

Prior to residing at Cheshire Home, Perry studied art at Union County College in Cranford. While studying the intricate aspects of painting and exploring some of the world's Great Works, Perry began to sketch people, with a concentration on capturing the unique features of each subject's face.

At Cheshire Home he decided to work in acrylic paints, and his interests expanded to the many colors of our natural landscapes. He works from his imagination, first picturing the scenery that is especially moving, and then imagining the colors that will best portray the impact of his scene.

Perry works in the physical therapy center at Cheshire Home, usually completing a painting within four hours. He particularly likes to mix colors, and layer colors, to create the tone that is most inspiring. His most recent painting, "Blue Moonlight", which he completed in December of 2015, hangs beautifully framed at the entrance of the center, right above another of his favorites, "Cherry Blossoms".

While Perry is very modest, those around him are quick to point out his talent, and we are very happy that he is pursuing his distinct creativity. He is proud of his work and gratified to be expressing himself through his favorite medium.

Looking ahead, as he continues to paint landscapes, Perry plans to once again draw and then paint people. He is excited about the many possibilities ahead as he advances his expertise in mixing and layering, and he is open to showing his works to art lovers who, we are sure, will appreciate his fine displays.  



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