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Artists Emerge from Cheshire Home

Posted Tue, Mar 12th, 2019 By Cheshire Home

At Cheshire Home, 35 young adults with spinal cord injuries or neurological impairments rehabilitate with the goal to attain their highest level of independence. While residents access the unique services and programs that Cheshire provides, they each also pursue personal interests with support and encouragement from staff. Recently, the topic of art has floated around the halls and several resident artists have emerged speaking of the inspiring work they enjoy in their free time.

Perry Nazon, Jenna Hansen, and David Hatchard are all creative minds who are also residents at Cheshire Home. They enjoy working on their art in their free time, in their own individual ways, and expressing themselves on paper or canvas. Their artistic talents are part of who they are, and on any given day you can find them working on their latest projects.

Perry Nazon finds visual inspiration online at Cheshire’s Community Resource Center and paints in the Physical Therapy room. He began painting when taking an art class in high school and continues to be self-taught as he enjoys putting brush to canvas. Perry’s paintings include seasonal landscapes, animals,  flowers, and much more of nature’s beauties. His latest Christmas painting was featured on Cheshire Home’s 2018 Christmas card. Excitement surrounding Perry’s projects increased when he decided to take his art a step further and create items to sell displaying his paintings, including notecard and calendars. His vision and determination to create art that others can enjoy is inspiring.

Jenna Hansen is also an emerging artist at Cheshire Home. While Perry uses a paintbrush, Jenna’s technique is different and unique. She paints using the method of acrylic pouring. While she’s always been interested in art, this special technique is her newest passion. This approach involves drizzling   paint into a cup with a specific medium, and other additives. She then pours the paint onto a canvas and allows the paint to move all around, spreading throughout canvas, all the while creating beautiful images. Different additives create varying effects and each painting is one of a kind. Jenna paints two to three times per week and has recently started selling her art.

David Hatchard is a longtime artist with a background that includes illustration and graphic design. He has drawn since childhood and is self-taught. His black and white line art is very detailed, accurate and striking. In the past, David has drawn from inspiration he found in his surroundings. He was a member of a local car club and enjoyed creating images of classic cars for club members to purchase. Today, David draws when inspiration hits him, or when he’s asked to create a special art design as a favor. Recently, he offered his expertise to Cheshire Home, designing a Donorversary card to celebrate donors’ anniversaries. David’s artistic drive has always been a big part of his life, and his creative mind is limitless. A musician with diverse talent as well, he can also be found regularly around our Home playing the guitar along with a multitude of instruments.

Cheshire Home’s staff if inspired by these three artists and their eagerness to share their passions. The future is bright for Cheshire’s residents, and thanks to Perry, Jenna, and David it’s a bit more colorful as well! To learn more about Cheshire Home, visit


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