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Cheshire Clothing Drive Supports Homeless Centers

Posted Thu, Aug 15th, 2013

Quinn Pitt and Anthony Ayala Pictured with Bridges Outreach Manager Danny RosenHanst

Cheshire Home's first clothing drive to benefit homeless men and women was the brainchild of residents Quinn Pitt and Anthony Ayala. Quinn created the concept, and Anthony designed the promotional flyer. Based on feedback from Bridges Outreach Outreach Manager Danny RosenHanst, they initially set out to collect men's tee shirts for summer wear. The concept soon grew, and in addition to tee shirts, Cheshire was able to gather a wide array of clothing for men and women, to be distributed through Bridges Outreach, in Newark, Irvington and New York City. 

As the campaign progressed through July and early August, the goal broadened to that of establishing an ongoing partnership with Bridges, and on drop-off day, Quinn and Anthony decided that they would now prepare for a fall clothing drive, focusing on winter clothing.

Bridges Outreach, located at 120 Morris Avenue in Summit, began quietly on a Friday night in 1988 when Ginger and Geoff Worden reached out to a group of homeless individuals in New York City, offering sandwiches, soup and coffee. Since that night, Bridges has never missed a Friday visit, and it now has 1,500 volunteers lending a helping hand. To learn more about the Bridges program, visit

All of us at Cheshire Home are gratified to have had the opportunity to contribute, and Quinn and Anthony put it best when they agreed that it felt great to reach beyond their own personal challenges, and help those in need.   


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