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Cheshire Home Kicks Off the Holidays with Holiday Express

Posted Thu, Nov 14th, 2019 By Cheshire Home

We couldn’t be more excited to kick off this holiday season with our good friends at Holiday Express! On Tuesday, Cheshire Home was filled with Christmas cheer as the generous volunteers poured into our Home and set up the festive extravaganza!

Residents, staff and volunteers enjoyed delicious treats that were all donated by Holiday Express and the wonderful companies that contribute to their cause! Jersey Mike’s sandwiches were served, while cookies and candy were scattered around the party room for all to enjoy!

When the music started, everyone in the crowd was ready to sing! We all belted out our favorite Christmas carols, some of us even taking the microphone and giving it all we had! The band was simply amazing and each volunteer made sure every single resident was having a wonderful time- this is NOT the type of party to quietly sit to the side.

We welcomed our honored guests as we do each year. Frosty showed up ready to dance the night away! The Grinch tried to stop Christmas with his grinchy grin, but the party was too fun for him to succeed! And, Rudolph lit the way for Santa! It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 50, Santa puts a smile on everyone’s face!

Above all, the friendship the volunteers at Holiday Express offer warms our hearts. We’re always ecstatic to see the friends we’ve made in past years, as well as meet and make memories with new Holiday Express volunteers.

Thank you, Holiday Express, for bringing excitement to Cheshire Home! We truly look forward to this event each year and are grateful for the fun and generous party you threw.



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