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Give to Cheshire Home This Holiday Season!

Posted Wed, Dec 16th, 2020 By Cheshire Home

Almost 40 years ago, Cheshire Home opened as New Jersey’s first and only stand-alone Special Care facility for adults with paralyzing spinal cord injuries. Most of our residents will face a lifetime of quadriplegia or paraplegia mobility challenges. With the support of countless people like you, Cheshire works to inspire, coach, and train these amazing men and women to rebuild their lives
and shine on!

The journey towards independence for each resident is different. At Cheshire, we always keep our residents moving forward: physically— through our excellent physical therapy programs, and emotionally— through artistic, educational, and employment programs. Working together in our safe communal environment, Cheshire residents slowly but surely regain their confidence and independence. Nothing is more uplifting than seeing a resident “graduate” from Cheshire, knowing they are off to a new positive chapter of their lives. During this difficult year, 4 residents graduated to independence, 3 residents started their own businesses and 7 residents participated in Cheshire Has Talent.

Like you, our residents have had to make many adjustments to their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. The health and safety of everyone at Cheshire comes first, and we proudly, with great care, are keeping our residents as safe as possible every day, around the clock. We have transformed offices into isolation and quarantine rooms, bought the additional PPE we need for COVID for residents and staff, and we’ve made space for safe and distant visitation.

Thanks to our amazing staff and to the thoughtful pre-planning and well-executed guidelines, Cheshire remains healthy. Unfortunately, the future holds uncertainty. Situations and requirements continue to change before our very eyes, almost every day.

We ask that you consider a tax-deductible contribution to Cheshire Home this year. Your gift will help keep Cheshire safe for our residents so they can continue rebuilding their lives after the trauma of paralysis. Your contribution will work twice as hard this year—for their safety and their independence. You are our hero. We celebrate and thank you for supporting these remarkable, resilient men and women.



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