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Kindness Rocks Gifted To Cheshire Residents!

Posted Mon, Oct 28th, 2019 By Cheshire Home

On Friday, October 25th, we were visited by our friends from OPTUM for a special and unique event! Our Board Chair, Lisa Albitz, introduced project leaders Radhika Murudeshwar and Diane Marinari to our residents during a lunchtime presentation of Kindness Rocks. OPTUM volunteers, with the participation of our resident Alice Papa and Director of Transportation Mandy Hecht came together several weeks ago for a rock painting session. The rocks were individually painted in bright colors and words of inspiration were written on each. When OPTUM visited on Friday, they brought the rocks and displayed them- allowing residents to choose the rock that meant the most to them. 

Our residents were thrilled to pick their rocks and found the occasion to be heart-warming. “Be present”, “breathe” and “love” were among the many phrases that were written. Residents can keep their rocks, trade them, or simply place them around Cheshire Home for another to find for an uplifting surprise. We also plan to decorate our garden area with the colorful Kindness messages.

Our time with OPTUM also included an ice cream social for all! What a way to end the week!

Thank you to our friends at OPTUM for your creativity, volunteerism and kindness. Great memories were made that we will cherish forever!



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