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Madison High Basketball Team Volunteers At Cheshire!

Posted Tue, Feb 16th, 2016

On Friday, February 12th, ten Madison High Basketball players, along with their coaches Steve Hughes and Brian Kavanaugh and two special helpers, arrived at Cheshire Home in the morning, ready to put in hours of hard work for us. The guys are always a welcome sight, and we were more than appreciative when they split into two groups and got right down to business, completing much-needed painting projects.

Our residents kitchen, used by many residents who enjoy preparing their own meals, was in need of a "facelift", and it got one! The guys painted the walls as well as the wainscoting, giving the room a refreshing two-tone look that has inspired us to do some further decorating.

While one group was busy in the residents kitchen, another went around the corner to Cheshire III, to paint a bedroom. We are anticipating the arrival of a new tenant at our community home, and the guys freshened up the room and gave it a nice, welcoming look.

Through their nine years of volunteerism, we've all gotten to know each other, and we count the players and coaches as our friends. Often players return several times through their high school years, completing countless projects that have made a big difference in our residents lives. Their impact goes far beyond the actual projects, which are considerable, and speak to the dedication they offer us each year.

Thank you, guys! It's always a pleasure.   




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