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Madison High School Athletes Volunteer At Cheshire Home!

Posted Thu, Apr 25th, 2013

Volunteer Day February 2013!

When the Boys Varsity Basketball Team and Coaches Billy Librera and Steve Hughes first came to Cheshire Home in 2009, a tradition was in the making. The team, along with fellow students, has returned each spring on Service Day, and have also visited us during their February break every year, lending a hand and socializing with our residents, who themselves are not far removed from adolescence.  Through the years, as our residents have enjoyed the company of the students, many rooms and hallways have received fresh coats of paint, many boxes have found their way out of the basement on cleanup days, and many shrubs, plants and flowers have brightened our property and added to Cheshire’s cozy atmosphere.

We look forward to greeting Coach Steve and his team on this year's Day of Service, May 31st, as they once again come to help us. As always, many projects will be completed and the day will be filled with hard work and smiles all around!

We are very grateful to Madison High School, and heartily endorse the Service Learning Program, developed by Mark DeBiasse and now administered by Marcia Prill. As the program fully integrates student volunteerism within the learning experience, non-profit organizations and individuals in need benefit greatly, and each student’s life experience is significantly enhanced.   




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