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NNJR Holds Successful Pandemic Relief Campaign for Cheshire Home!

Posted Fri, May 29th, 2020 By Cheshire Home

When Cheshire Home put out the call for assistance at the start of our pandemic relief efforts, our friends at NNJR were quick to help!

The NNJR Porsche Club, celebrating its 63rd year as a region of the Porsche Club of America, wasted no time in supporting Cheshire Home. NNJR dedicated Giving Tuesday to helping navigate the increased costs associated with COVID-19. Responding in a big way to “Rally to the Cause of Cheshire Home!” the campaign raised a total of $9,100. This generous contribution came together through a strong team effort,  including donations from individual Club members, matched by the the Club’s Board and yet another match from an anonymous donor!

In addition to sharing a passion for race care driving, NNJR's members participate in road rallies, social gatherings and Concourse workshops throughout the year. The Club is known for its dedication to worthy causes, and Cheshire Home was honored to be named as its 2020 charity recipient of the year.  

We extend an enthusiastic Thank You to NNJR for hitting the ground running when the need for help quickly arose. We’re very grateful for your support during this difficult time!


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