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Nielsen Global Impact Day at Cheshire Home

Posted Fri, Jun 21st, 2013

Alice's Garden Gets Secured!

As part of the annual Nielsen Global Impact Day, Sean Seger, Associate Manager, Client Consulting, brought a team of eight enthusiastic employees to Cheshire Home, The rain arrived right along with them, threatening to cancel a special project, helping our resident Alice install protective wiring on her terrace garden. But as they began work on several indoor painting projects, the skies brightened, and the team rushed outside with Alice. Before long the garden was secured and ready for planting.

It was back to the painting, and to also assisting resident Luz with some organizational tasks in her room. At the day's end, five projects were completed, and we knew we had met a very special group of caring and giving people.

The aim of Global Impact Day is to effect change around the world. Every Nielsen employee takes a day out of the office to spend time volunteering in their communities, in parks, food banks, shelters, schools, and here in Florham Park, at Cheshire Home! It was our pleasure to welcome the team, and to experience first-hand the community spirit they bring to their volunteerism. Theirs was a job well done for sure, and we greatly appreciate their help.  



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