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Novartis Community Partnership Day

Posted Tue, Apr 21st, 2015

April 21st marked the 19th Annual Novartis Community Partnership Day. More than 27,000 employees worldwide volunteered at non-profits in their communities. Here at Cheshire Home, Bob Spitz, Michele D'Agostino and Laurie VanValkenburgh offered their day of service to paint our Community Resource Center.

Throughout the year Cheshire residents and community students with disabilities train on computers at the Center, utilizing assistive technology, and gaining academic and employment skills that help them become independent. Residents also work at the computers for their personal use, so the room is a flurry of activity. We have wanted to give the Center a makeover for some time, and now, thanks to our Novartis volunteers, the room, done in two tones, looks and feels great!  The new look is certainly an enhancement to the training environment we'll now be providing.

Thank you to Novartis, and especially to Bob, Michele and Laurie. Great job - we appreciate you! 




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