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Resident Liana Kraenzlin Volunteers at Atlantic Home Care and Hospice

Posted Tue, May 12th, 2015

Liana Kraenzlin, shown here working as a Cheshire Receptionist, is now in her third month of volunteering her considerable talents, to help people during a very emotional time of their lives. Having completed a two-day seminar on the History of Hospice, and the Benefits of Hospice to Patients and Families, she has been dedicating one afternoon each week to Atlantic Home Care and Hospice. 

Liana, who is a nurse, has a long-term goal of drawing on her professional experience to work directly with patients. During her introductory period, she is assisting Volunteer Coordinator Diane Coloney with organizational projects. Hospice care entails providing patients and families with a great deal of information, so that everyone is aware of and comfortable with the process, and has a full understanding of the care each patient will receive, and the volunteer and grief counseling services each family has available to them. It is in this area that Liana is working.

"While I'm assembling these packets it's not just paper to me," she said. "It's going to be meaningful to the people who receive it. I'm picturing people receiving the information, and I'm envisioning how it's helping them."

Atlantic Hospice and Home Care has approximately 75 volunteers, and Liana also updates annual files to ensure that all volunteer requirements are in order, and assembles followup letters to families, touching base with them to see how they're doing months after their loved ones' passing. 

Nursing Case Managers and Social Workers also work out of the office, and as part of a shared space arrangement, Liana is able to work in the same cubicle each week. So...she feels right at home!  And Liana shared that it's gratifying to see smiles on the faces of the staff when she arrives. "They know I'm going to be helpful, and that I'll get many projects done."

We have no doubt of that. Congratulations, Liana. Atlantic Home Care and Hospice is very fortunate to have you.






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