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Student Nurses Train At Cheshire Home!

Posted Mon, Apr 18th, 2016

Most recently, two groups of student nurses from the Morris School of Technology in Denville, have trained at Cheshire Home during March and April. Supervised by Morris Tech's Clinical Instructor Cassie Christie, RN, with oversight by Cheshire Home Director of Nursing Madelyn Cerrato,  21 students trained at our facility,

At Cheshire, the students shadowed our nurses as they worked their daily rounds, learning how to develop nursing care plans, to chart, and to properly aminister med carts. With resident permission, the student nurses were provided with carefully monitored hands-on experiences as they learned the proper methods to assist in treatments, respiratory care, and catheter utilization.

While lecture is a major component of the LPN instruction program, Supervisor Christie, RN, points out the students' hands-on experience at Cheshire Home is essential, as each nursing candidate learns first-hand how to provide the very best of care to their patients. "There are different variables that are not covered in class," she said. "My students' encounter these variables as they work with the nurses and the residents at Chsshire Home, and learn how to address them." 

At graduation, each student will be awarded their LPN certification. Many will continue their studies in order to achieve their RN certification, and some have expressed an interest in working with those with spinal cord injuries, following their time with the residents of Cheshire Home.

Cheshire Home Director of Nursing Madelyn Cerrato said, "Nursing is a wonderful profession. As nurses we are constantly teaching, and what better way to increase the supply of excellent nurses, than by giving an opportunity to learn and excel. Cheshire Home offers unique opportunities that can't be experienced elsewhere. My staff loved hosting the student nurses, and it was a growing experience for everyone!"



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