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The Kessler Foundation Comes to Cheshire's Aid in Wake of Pandemic!

Posted Wed, Jun 10th, 2020 By Cheshire Home

Cheshire Home’s longtime supporter, The Kessler Foundation, came to our aid in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Kessler awarded Cheshire a $26, 416 Emergency Grant to be dedicated to the purchase of COVID-19 prevention equipment and supplies. We are grateful that in our time of need, this Cheshire Champion was ready to step in in a very meaningful way.

Cheshire Home’s residents, adults with physical disabilities primarily from paralyzing spinal cord injuries, cope with complex medical issues associated with their paralysis. When the pandemic hit our state, we raised the alarm as it was crucial for us to increase PPE for staff and safeguard our facility. Quickly, we realized we needed help in our preventative efforts. The Kessler Foundation's grant award provides Cheshire the opportunity to purchase the equipment we need to continue giving our residents high-level care while keeping them safe from COVID-19.

Through the generosity of The Kessler Foundation over the years, Cheshire Home was able to make great strides in facility and program updates. Making a positive mark on our training, education and transportation needs, Kessler empowered many residents to reach their goals of self-sufficiency.

Thank you to the Kessler Foundation for helping Cheshire Home in a time of uncertainty! Truly, the preventative measures we are able to put into place because of this donation are lifesaving!


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