Community Support Makes Independence Possible at Cheshire Home

Posted: Friday, January 25th, 2019
By Cheshire Home

Cheshire Home residents achieved many life-changing goals in 2018 thanks to the generous support of individuals, businesses, and foundations that sustain its unique rehabilitative programs. Donations throughout the year made it possible for residents to move beyond their paralysis, to their highest level of self-sufficiency.

Cheshire, New Jersey's premier provider of residential and rehabilitative services for young adults with spinal cord injuries or neurological impairments, celebrated residents who gained independence, as well as those who continue to work toward that goal, pursuing academic, employment, and artistic endeavors.

Executive Director George Zeitler, citing donor support as the foundation of each resident’s success, said, “Every contribution to Cheshire Home, from an individual, an event sponsor or attendee, or a group, touches a life and makes independence possible.”   

Donations fund occupational and physical therapy equipment, enabling residents to increase their core strength and re-gain basic life skills, and assistive technology that is essential to each person’s training in our onsite resource center. Contributions also fund upgrades to Cheshire’s healthcare facility, which is also Home, to its thirty-five residents.   

Foundations that contributed to 2018’s success included Cynthia and Peter Kellogg, Christopher and Dana Reeve, Kessler, Hyde & Watson, F.M. Kirby, TD Charitable, Catholic Human Services, Charles Read, Fred Fatzler, Union, Margaret Darrin, Ruffle Family, and the Coloni Family, as well as Novartis Philanthropy, the Madison Rotary, and ASCO.

As Cheshire Home reflects fondly on 2018, the anticipation for 2019’s achievements are adding excitement to the halls of its facility. Residents will continue to work through their rehabilitation with great determination, mindful of the many supporters who are truly their heroes.