Resident Anthony Ayala Creates Graphic Designs!

Posted: Thursday, April 9th, 2015

Earth City

Anthony's graphic design pictured here is entitled "Earth City", and it portrays the message that our planet is becoming one city. In creating this image, Anthony chose a range of brilliant and powerful color tones for each building surrounding and reflecting off his Earth Globe. He chose to over-exaggerate the color scheme in order to achieve neon reflections that bounce off the blue and green of the earth.

Anthony is currently in his 6th class at the Anthem Institute, presently studying the Web Coding that powers internet functions, and his true passion is the creation of graphics such as "Earth City". While attending the Institute Anthony also works at Cheshire Home as a front desk receptionist. He expects to complete his studies at the end of this summer, at which time he will coordinate his designs as he develops a business plan for Graphic Design.  

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