Nielsen Global Impact Day Benefits Cheshire Home!

Posted: Friday, June 12th, 2015

On Thursday, June 11th, more than 20,000 Nielsen Associates globally offered a day of service to non-profit organizations. Cheshire Home was once again fortunate to be chosen as a recipient, and it was our pleasure to welcome Kelly Dontje and her wonderful team of volunteers!

As the prediction was for a humid, sweltering day, the plan was to start the outdoor projects as early as possible and then to have our volunteers "retreat" to the air-conditioning inside, but even when the temperature rose into the 90's, our volunteers, Kelsey Conway, Laura Daverio, Brian Davin, Julie Dellert, and Jennifer Gorham, led by Kelly, kept at it on our residents' terrace, painting all of our picnic tables, gardening with resident Alice Papa, and out front, digging holes for sign-post placement. Two boxes of silverware sets were also wrapped for our Dietary Department, and at the day's end we were very happy, and grateful, for their hard work.

The consensus at Cheshire is, "Wow! The terrace looks great now."

As part of Nielsen Cares, the company's philosophy is to donate their skills and time to help non-profits through hands-on community projects. They do a wonderful job, and Cheshire Home is very appreciative.       


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