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Training & Education

Training and Education at our Onsite Community Resource Center!

We offer unique training programs onsite at our Community Resource Center to residents of Cheshire Home as well as to disabled students who reside in the community. This instruction is truly life-changing as it empowers students to overcome the challenges of paralysis and learning disabilities, gain access to higher education and employment, and lead meaningful, productive lives.

Courses are personalized, and are comprised of 16 one-and-one-half hour sessions, offered Mondays and Fridays from 9:30 – 4:30, and Tuesdays through Thursdays, 9:30 – 7:00 pm., conducted by the Director of Vocational Services, a certified full time instructor, and a resident instructor assistant.

Adaptive technology plays a large role in the center's success, as each student learns to master the technology that will address his or her disability. Technology includes the Quadjoy mouth-operated mouse, the Tracker Pro head-operated mouse, track-ball hand-operated mouse, hands-free magnifiers, the Dragon Speak Naturally Voice Activator, concept mapping software, large screen keyboards and flexible keyboard positioning, amplify-capability headphones, and adjustable work stations.

Course options are customized as needed, and include: computer proficiencies, college prep, G.E.D. prep, personal enrichment inclusive of individual finance management, basic math and reading, overall internet navigation, and employment training. The program also offers practical application, and onsite job opportunities, in our Resource Center as an instructor assistant, at our front desk as receptionists, and in our boutique as cashiers.

The programs of the Community Resource Center are sustained through grant funding, private donations, and special events.  Thank you to our generous donors, whose contributions open many doors which would otherwise be closed, to our hard-working residents and community students!


Recent Grants

  • Novartis Philanthropy
    1/2/18   $5,000
  • Margaret Darrin Charitable Trust
    1/2/18   $5,000
  • The Union Foundation
    11/29/17   $5,000
  • The Fred Fatzler Foundation
    11/22/17   $3,000
  • Peter R & Cynthia K Kellogg Foundation
    10/15/17   $10,000
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