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Maintenance & Housekeeping


Our Maintenance Department ensures that we sustain a safe and efficient operation within the daily complexities of our health care facility's activities. Responsibilities include individual room management, resident storage coordination, wheelchair repair, facility renovation and landscaping oversight, heating and air-conditioning, and equipment purchase and servicing.

The unique nature of  Cheshire Home  necessitates a broad spectrum of maintenance work, and a  commitment to both the personalized needs of our residents and the  upkeep of the building that houses them. On any given day our maintenance team may be repairing a major piece of equipment,  assisting a resident in personalizing their room, and preparing for an  upcoming renovation, all the while demonstrating an expert and caring approach to their work.


Residential comfort within a clean, home-like environment is prioritized at our facility. In keeping with our high standard for quality of life at our home, our housekeeping team provides comprehensive cleaning and laundry services.

As part of our philosophy of self-sufficiency, each resident enjoys the option of laundering their own personal clothing at our onsite modernized laundry area. Many residents prefer to do so, and others avail themselves of the choice to have this service provided to them. All residents receive full linen, bedding and towel laundry services.

Daily cleaning services are provided in resident rooms, common living and dining areas, restrooms, shower suites, training and therapy centers, offices, hallways and entries.


Recent Grants

  • Craig H. Neilsen Foundation
    9/1/21   $75,000
  • F.M. Kirby Foundation
    8/1/21   $20,000
  • Kessler Foundation
    7/1/21   $40,000
  • Madison Rotary
    6/1/21   $1,500
  • The Hyde & Watson Foundation
    5/1/21   $15,000
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