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Social Services & Counseling

Our Director of Social Services and Consulting Psychologist collaborate to play a vital role in the social and Counseling Servicesemotional healing of our residents. Individually and as a team, they advocate on behalf of residents, and assist them in identifying and realizing their personal strengths and goals.  Their proactive approach succeeds in promoting well-being and improving each person's quality of life.

Comprehensive social services fully engage our residents in the process of their rehabilitation. Our social worker  leads our interdisciplinary team to improve interdepartmental communication and ensure timely problem-solving of resident issues, refers residents to appropriate community resources,  and assists residents with entitlement programs and reimbursements matters, including Medicaid and Social Security benefits. As residents prepare to transition to independent living, our Director of Social Services facilitates the process, ensuring that their housing and personal care needs are in place before departure.

Luz & RobbiPsychological support is crucial as each individual copes with the physical and emotional trauma of spinal cord injury. Counseling is essential to the healing process, during which residents adjust to fundamental changes in their daily lives and reconnect with their goals and aspirations. Private counseling sessions are offered onsite, with flexible scheduling provided in order to accommodate the active lifestyles of our residents.


Recent Grants

  • Novartis Philanthropy
    1/25/17   $8,500
  • Peter R. & Cynthia K. Kellogg Foundation
    1/9/17   $10,000
  • Margaret Darrin Foundation
    12/10/16   $5,000
  • Union Foundation
    12/6/15   $5,000
  • ASCO
    12/12/16   $4,000
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