Meet the Artist: Cheshire Home Resident, Perry Nazon

Perry Nazon arrived at Cheshire Home after a gunshot wound left him with a C5 spinal cord injury. He would find a very creative side of himself in Cheshire Home’s Occupational Therapy (OT) Department. Perry wanted to start his recovery by learning to write again. The OT team had him start by simply learning how to hold the pencil and doodling. He quickly moved into watercolors and acrylic painting. “It felt good to be able to work with my hands again thanks to the staff here at Cheshire Home,” he said.

Perry’s impressionistic representation of animals, insects, landscapes, and flora have advanced over time, and he now has close to 35 impressive pieces of art in his collection. Perry also works as a receptionist at Cheshire Home, where he brings a happy spirit to the job and is always wearing a smile. Perry’s artwork was featured in Cheshire Home’s social media campaign in December.

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