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Welcome to Cheshire Home!

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Thank You to Our Heroes Who Have Donated and Offered Assistance to
Help Cheshire Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic!

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Northern New Jersey Porsche Club of America
Lisa B. Albitz & Family
Stuart Milsten & Family
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Fennelly
The McClester Family
Peter Flemming Sr., R.N.
Mark A. & Wendy Clemente
Christopher & Mary Creamer
Ann & Alan Florin
Glenn  & Celeste  Moran
Michael Rotolo & Family
Justin Sherwood & Family
James R. Whitney & Family
Zambezi Green Porsche 914-1.8
Janice Ernsting
John S. Korossy, III
Jack and Ildiko 
The Barresi Family
Mrs. and Mrs. Daniel Moskowitz
The Gale Family
The Murphy Family
Charities Aid Foundation of America - Princeton
The Chou Family
Parimal S. Bhayani, M.D., P.A. for Natalie Fletcher
Natalie Fletcher
Betty Chamberlain
Barbara & Ed Franko
The Paula & William Marino Family Foundation
DBL RL Cooper Associates
Craig Mahon
Meghan Forte
The Knights of Columbus
Emerson Solutions
Paul Rizzuto
Robert McCoy
Margaret & Jeremy Wallis
Andrea Carroll
NNJR Porsche Club
Chris Alberth
Mary Ellen & Ned Gaffney
The Link Family
Nedra & Carl Behringer
Nan Canfield
Jayne Dellon
Alexandre Dussault
Tim Ripley
John Brahms
Darlene & Bob Kirschbaum
Ann Saverd, R.N. RAC-CT
Karen & Jeff Johnson
Susan Sirna
Tom Barrett
Samantha & Daniel Basek
Mandy Hecht
Frank & Kathleen Genova
Barbara Monahan
Al & Maureen DeLeo
Mary & Steve Mulvey
Paul & Helen Tvetenstrand
Thomas & Rosemary Gilmartin
Christopher Albreth
Joan & Jerry Hoffman
Ned & Mary Ellen Gaffney
Christine Comerci
Mark Harrison
Magdalena Sarata
Jakub Sarata
Mark Jacobson
Elliot & Eileen Rosen 
Steve Tooley
Nancy Love
Central & State Properties LLC
Patricia Murry Reardon
Sharyn Fronczkowski, LPN
Cheryl Leverich
Michael & Jodi Zwain 
Coen Family 
Elizabeth Freese
Jerome & Evelyn Orr 
Susan Martin & John Arnedt  
Michael Primus
James E. Primus
Louise Easton
William Keefauver
Aimee Totaro
Diane Dinsmore
Steve and Christine Sherman
Dorothy and Tony Butler
Al & Valerie Goldberg

The CommonHealth Project
Glazed and Confused
The Community Outreach Group for the Chinese Christian Church
The Hanover American Chinese Community
New Jersey Respiratory Associates
Peter Halis
Elena & JP Halis
Danny Vaz
David Fulton
Chris Creamer
Gloria Constantino
Mrs Jacobsen
Karen Kimak
Caitlin Kahl’s Family
Betty Mallma
Isadora Touris
Clavijo Family
Mitchell & Melissa Sprinsky
Carla Almeida
Sue Morrocco
Babadjanov Family – Julia & Nataliya
Feed the Frontline
Morris County OEM
NJ Vietnamese Americans in NJ
Anthony Toriello-Edward Don
Dan Donovan- I. Halper
Rudy Gambino, Allan Paper Co.
Sally Deeney
Julia Kapchynsky
Olivia  Frieder
Barbara Narus
Dr. Lisa Ellman Grunther and her NYC Professional Group
Karen Ann Kurlander and Eileen Saks from The Woman’s Club of Morristown 

Cheshire Home is New Jersey's leading provider of unique residential and rehabilitative services to adults with spinal cord injuries or neurological impairments, and the only stand-alone facility of its kind in our state. Licensed as a special care nursing facility with a 35-bed capacity, we espouse a "can do" philosophy, and empower each individual we serve to attain their highest level of self-sufficiency. Our residents, determined to become independent again, have quadriplegia, paraplegia, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, or related conditions. 

Our Home offers an atmosphere of comfortable living, peer support, caring, professional services, and programs designed to help each resident advance their personal goals.  Our care plans are individualized, proactive and broad-based, inclusive of nursing, physical therapy, education, recreation, transportation and counseling services. On a daily basis our residents pursue a lifestyle of their own choosing, through higher education, on and offsite employment, community volunteerism, and socialization. Often when residents attain independence and transition out of Cheshire Home, they do so with newly acquired academic and professional skills. Many residents gain valuable employment experience during their rehabilitation.

We invite you to visit Cheshire Home through the pages of this website, to preview our exceptional programs and amenities, and to go beyond our doors to Cheshire II and Cheshire III, our community-based homes for adults with disabilities who are able to live semi- independently. What you will find is a distinctive organization fully dedicated to the belief that each individual is ABLE, Not Idle, and fully capable of living a meaningful life.

Many of our programs and services are sustained through grant funding and private donations, and we appreciate your generous support!

Recent Grants

  • Charles G. & Elizabeth Mortimer Foundation
    7/31/20   $5,000
  • Madison Rotary
    6/6/20   $1,348
  • Kessler Foundation
    5/29/20   $26,416
  • Emerson Solutions
    4/22/20   $6,000
  • Peter R. & Cynthia K. Kellogg Foundation
    3/25/20   $10,000
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