Thank you to everyone who participated in Cheshire Home Run, Walk, Stroll or Roll on Saturday, September 16!
And a big THANK YOU to all our generous sponsors!

For over 40 years, Cheshire Home has been helping young adults with spinal cord injuries and neurological impairments regain independence after a traumatic event. We have quickly become New Jersey’s leading provider for short-term rehabilitation. Our 35-bed facility provides specialized nursing care, mental health and emotional support, physical and occupational therapies, vocational and educational programs, dietary assistance, transportation, recreation trips and parties and so much more!

In the past 40 years, Cheshire has served over 255 residents and led each one through a rehabilitation process custom tailored to their specific needs. Some of our dedicated staff have been with Cheshire for over 25 years!

Our mission is to enable young adults with spinal cord injuries to achieve their maximum level of independence. Thank you for your interest in Cheshire Home, we are happy to show you around! To learn more about our residents you can read more about their many success stories, or look inside Cheshire Home and check out our physical and occupational therapy room. What you will find is an extraordinary organization dedicated to the belief that our residents are able and fully capable of living a meaningful life.

Many of our programs and services are sustained through grant funding and private donations.

Welcome to the Cheshire Home Family!

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