Specialized Nursing & Personal Care

Cheshire Home Director of Nursing, Madelyn Cerrato

Round-the-clock nursing and personal care assistance are vital to the health and quality of life for individuals with spinal injury.  Those who experience spinal injury undergo an immediate, shocking impact on their lives, one that will be
life-long and will change the way they live. Most will be permanently confined to a wheelchair, with complex physical and medical concerns, and will need to re-learn the management of everyday life tasks.

Our experienced and qualified licensed nurses and certified personal care assistants provide the highest level of care to our residents. Our nursing staff is fully knowledgeable in the aspects of spinal cord injury (SCI) related health issues. 

They manage the physical care of each resident closely, with respect to the administration of medication, bowl and bladder management, infection control, respiratory function, neurological, cardiovascular, pain management, wound care, psychological health, along with all of the associated complexities that may occur during the rehab phase. In addition to individual nursing care, residents receive personal assistance in the performing of daily life tasks, including dressing, eating, bathing, and using the toilet. Cheshire Home is known for the highest level of caring professionalism. Our nurses and personal care assistants are an extraordinary team dedicated to helping each resident reclaim their maximum level of independence.

Our dedicated nursing staff treats everyone like family.

We are lucky to have this great bunch of caregivers! St. Patrick’s Day 2022.