Cheshire Home is a specialty care nursing facility for young adults with spinal cord injuries (SCI) and neurological disorders. Our facility offers a comprehensive team of healthcare professionals dedicated to assisting residents in achieving the highest level of independent functioning, increased independence and improve overall quality of life. Our services, inclusive of skilled nursing, physical and occupational therapy, educational and vocational programming, computer instruction, recreational activities, employment opportunities, and specialized transportation, combine to maximize the potential for personal success.

The admissions process begins with a potential candidate referral, which can be made by contacting our admissions department online by phone, e-mail, or fax. Referrals can be made by a case manager, social worker, discharge planner, insurance company case manager, physician, family member, friend, or advocate. It is recommended to initiate the referral process early to assist with a seamless transition and reduce delays. Cheshire Home’s Admissions Department will coordinate with the referring facility to verify insurance

benefits and authorization. Cheshire Home participates in Medicaid, Medicare, worker’s compensation, commercial insurance and self-pay. The admissions process includes an
in-person interview and review of clinical information that is evaluated by the admissions team to determine appropriateness of fit. Family and in-person interviews are encouraged, when possible. Eligible candidates are fully supported in the process of transitioning to independent living.

Cheshire II and Cheshire III are small, community-based homes, established for individuals with disabilities who can live more independently. Please see the Community Homes page for more information.

To learn more about our facility or obtain additional information regarding admission to Cheshire Home, please contact Althea David, PsyD at 973-966-1232, ext. 239 or by email at For admission inquiries for Cheshire II or Cheshire III, please call Mandy Hecht at 973-966-1232, ext. 219.