Due to COVID-19, all indoor volunteer opportunities have been put on hold. We look forward to having our facility filled with our caring volunteers again soon, when state regulations allow.

Throughout our rich history, a solid core of volunteers has added immeasurably to the success of our facility. Always bringing a warm smile, a giving spirit, and a desire to help, our volunteers have touched many lives individually, and they have collectively, through group projects, helped us in a variety of ways to upgrade the quality of our living environment.

Corporate and Student Teams of Volunteers generously dedicate “days of caring and sharing” to Cheshire Home, Cheshire II and Cheshire III. All in the course of one fun day, generous amounts of elbow grease are used and small “sprucing up” projects are completed! A little painting here, a little landscaping there…beautiful!

Individual volunteers have often become extended members of our Cheshire family, familiar faces, wonderful folks who provide companionship, participate in special events and celebrations, or share their own unique talents in a variety of ways! Individuals who assist residents personally must be 18 or over, and complete training prior to volunteering.
Community Groups frequently visit our home, sometimes performing for our residents, sometimes stopping by to join an evening of fun and games. A good time is had by all! 

Looking for a fulfilling volunteer opportunity? Cheshire Home welcomes volunteers all year long!

The best way to find yourself is to
lose yourself in the service of others.

Mahatma Ghandi

Visit Cheshire Home and meet our residents!
Due to daily activities and residents schedules, some volunteer opportunities are typically scheduled for evenings and weekends.

Our residents enjoy having visitors.

Cheshire Home has several non-English speaking residents.  We would like to translate the documents that are presented to residents upon admission to the language they are most comfortable reading.  Translation to Latin American Spanish is desired at this time.  There are approximately 25 documents, and most are one page.  There are no or minimal medical or legal terms on these documents.

Landscape Design
Cheshire Home is located on a small piece of property in Florham Park with pretty greenery ready for a transformation! We seek a landscape design that is not only beautiful and inviting, but low maintenance.  This project involves a layout design, ideas for the best plant/shrub/flower choices, and a maintenance schedule to keep our grounds at their peak.  We’d like to include some free-standing planters around the building.  Come visit Cheshire Home to get a sense of what would make us look our best!  We’re not looking for backhoes or major renovations.  This is home to 35 people, and we’d like to ensure that our residents are comfortable and happy to be here!

Tickets!  Get Your Tickets Here!
Cheshire Home residents lead active lives and love to go out to a variety of events!  We seek volunteers to work with our Recreation Department to obtain discounted or free tickets to events including entertainment, sports, cultural, and overall fun venues. We will provide guidance as to how to get started, how many tickets are needed, what venues work best, and what activities are of most interest! 

Community Housing
Part of Cheshire Home’s mission is to assist residents as they transition from Cheshire Home to community living.  This process involves finding Section 8 Accessible Housing.  Volunteers would work with Cheshire’s Director of Social Services to conduct online research for potential community housing opportunities and prepare necessary applications.  This in an ongoing process that can take as much time as you are willing to give.

Political Liaison
Cheshire Home would like to enhance our relationships with NJ legislators.  We seek an individual(s) interested in introducing Cheshire and its mission to elected officials. This would be an ongoing process.  Volunteer(s) would be asked to reach out to legislators, assist us in building and sustaining new relationships, and in arranging for meetings, which can occur at Cheshire Home where officials can meet our residents and tour our facility, or at a legislators’ office.

Companion – Going Out
When residents go out for the day, it’s nice to be with a friend!  Helping during a shopping trip to Walmart.   Going to the movies. Dining out. Talking, laughing, sharing the day…Volunteers may need to assist with eating, push a wheelchair, and act as an extra set of hands.  Cheshire provides or arranges transportation. These opportunities are as needed and can last an hour or the entire day.  Before the first outing, we invite you to visit, meet our resident, and speak to a staff member with any questions. You will not be responsible for any type of medical treatment.

Companion – Staying In!
Sometimes it’s nice to stay home and visit with a friend!  Some residents like to have their fun at Cheshire, playing board or card games, doing crossword or jigsaw puzzles, or just talking.  Volunteers may need to be a set of hands, a conversationalist, or a good listener.  These opportunities can be one-on-one or group, usually 1 – 3 hours. Days and times are flexible.

Getting Organized
Several residents would like help to organize their rooms, arrange drawers or change winter clothes to summer clothes.  Spending about 2-3 hours with a resident during each visit would be ideal!  Days and hours are flexible, depending on the residents’ individual schedules.  No heavy lifting or moving required.

Sous Chef
Do you like to cook?  Although we have a super Dietary Department, at times residents like to make their own meals, or bake some tasty treats. Cooking is always fun when you have help!  We have a kitchen specifically designed for our residents, and volunteers may provide an extra set of hands to help with mobility, prep, and clean-up.  Often residents know what they want to make, but at times they enjoy a new  recipe or technique. Days and times are flexible.  Ingredients are provided by the resident but may need to be picked up at the supermarket by the volunteer.

There’s Nothing a Good Manicure Won’t Fix!
Residents enjoy beauty time, and love having their nails painted.  Volunteers would meet with residents one-on-one to provide manicures on a weekly or bi-monthly basis.  Once the initial meeting is set up, you and our resident will set your schedule.  Manicures would be done at Cheshire Home.  No need to be an expert manicurist!  Residents have some polish and supplies.

Calling All Artists
Many residents enjoy painting and drawing and have requested assistance. Volunteers would be asked to provide an extra set of hands as needed. After the initial meeting, the days and times would be set between the artist and volunteer. Single activity or ongoing series welcome!

Decorate Bulletin Boards
Cheshire has two bulletin boards in our main hallway that we decorate and update with seasonal changes and special days and occasions! We encourage volunteers to get creative, and residents and staff love to see their pictures on display! We provide materials and can supplement if you have a great idea! This would take a small team of 1-4 people about 2-3 hours each time.

Alice enjoys the help of other avid gardeners in order to get her vegetable and flower garden set for spring.

Thank you!
If you would like to volunteer, please contact
Mandy Hecht at 973-966-1232 ext. 219, or email mhecht@cheshirenj.org.